Update time!

Time for a quick update!

  • March 30 we'll be playing at the paasconcerten at Jacobiberg Arnhem. Show will start around 23:00 but just make sure you're there since there's a great line-up of bands that night! (oh, and it's free!)
  • The album is coming along quiet well and we're planning some very cool stuff for the release party :)
  • Our show at shuffle has been moved to April 30.
  • We'll be doing a show at the Radboud university on April 24 at the sounds of science festival. (it's freeeeeeee)
  • We'll be playing at Merleyn Nijmegen on April 27 together with There was a firefight. This will be a very special show so make sure you're there! Tickets are only € 4,-

That's all for now! Be sure to check our twitter and facebook for more updates!