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MNHM (previously 'MANNHEIM') give birth to ‘melodic noise’ from a higher and heavier dimension combining elements from post/math-rock, and doom. Following the release of their well-received debut album Super-Empowered in 2013, the quartet has toured all over Europe including shows at festivals like Roadburn, Dunk!, Incubate, AMFest and ArcTanGent. In 2016 the band traveled to Belfast to team up with producer Rocky O’Reilly (And So I Watch You From Afar, Baby In Vain and Slomatics) to work on their second album 'Of Empires Past' which was released by Consouling Sounds in May 2017.


Guitar / Mark Bouwman
Saxophone / Otto Kokke
Bass / Henry Nagel
Drums / Roy van Wisse


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